Payment Card Enrollment

Enroll Your Card for Verified By Visa


This site is protected with Verified by Visa (VbV), Visa Password-Protected Identity Checking Service, and requires that the card is enrolled to participate in the VbV program. If your Visa Card issued by Nigerian Banks is not enrolled, kindly follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Locate the nearest VISA/VPAY enabled ATM
  2. Insert your card and punch in your PIN
  3. Select the PIN change option
  4. Select Internet PIN (i-PIN) change option
  5. Insert any four – six digits of your choice as your i-PIN
  6. Re-entered the digits entered in step 5
  7. If you have done the above correctly, a message is displayed that your PIN was changed successfully. This means your card is now enrolled in the VbV program and you have an Internet PIN (i-PIN) which can be used for any internet related transaction
  8. Note the the word “i-PIN”, “Password” and “VbV Code” are the same
  9. You can now visit your favourite VbV enabled site to shop securely



Please note that this is only for internet related transactions and it does not change your regular PIN on ATM and POS.

Enroll Your Master Card for MasterCard Secure Code


This site is a MasterCard SecureCode (MCSC) participating Merchant’s website. MCSC is designed to enable you (cardholder) make safer internet purchase transactions by authenticating your identity at the time of purchase in order to protect you from unauthorized usage of your MasterCard.
MasterCard SecureCode password is strictly for online transactions and it is different from your regular Personal Identification Number (PIN) used for ATM and POS transactions.
Please follow the steps below to obtain and use your MasterCard SecureCode:

  1. Click on the “Pay with Unified Payment” button on the payment page to proceed
  2. Enter your MasterCard card details such as Card Number, CVV2, Name on card, Expiry date and click OK
  3. You will be redirected to your bank’s website, kindly follow the process to completion as advised by your bank
  4. The next time you make purchase on the website of a participating Merchant, simply enter the MCSC Password and any Secret Questions (if any) you created if required by your bank



The activation process is determined by your bank. Should you encounter any problem, please contact your bank

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